Welcome to Good for Growth!

Here you will find plenty of information, suggestions and tips regarding the world of children nutrition. We particularly aim to give young and future parents the tools to build a solid foundation for their children's healthy growth. We're looking forward to your visits and active feedback, as we walk towards a healthier future... one little step at a time. 

Teaching kids about nutrition

The question about the right nutrition ought to be an important topic for any (future) family. What should mum eat during pregnancy? During lactation?

What can or should children eat?

Do you still keep track what all the new food labels and seals actually mean? Quite a few things have been simplified, it’s nevertheless useful to stay informed to avoid utter confusion when shopping, especially for you little one.

Baby drinking milk

Mother’s milk is the first nutrition our children receive in this world. But even after lactation, during the transition to baby food and then to the family diet, milk should remains as a constant companion to your child’s healthy growth.

Kid eating and loving healthy food

To foster good habits for our children, we first need a good understanding of nutrition in general, and more importantly have plenty of empathy with our children.

Children cooking recipes

Walk the talk - healthy nutrition only comes to life through great recipes. Healthy, varied and easy to prepare are the key! Come and take a look at some suggestions